What To Look For When Purchasing Rustic Furniture Online

As a consumer who is looking to purchase rustic furniture for their home, you may have limited options in your town so you may resort to looking online. It can be a little intimidating making a purchase online without seeing the item first, not knowing the color and most importantly knowing exactly what wood the furniture is comprised of. The good news is, there are many tips to help you when purchasing rustic furniture.

The first thing consumers need to be aware of is if the furniture is made from reclaimed wood, plywood or if it has been altered to look distressed. Many places that sell rustic furniture will often take a new piece of furniture and make distress marks of their own, while other places will sell authentic rustic furniture from reclaimed wood. It is important to ask which technique was used so that you know exactly what your piece is made from. Authentic reclaimed rustic furniture usually has a very worn appearance and can sometimes be rough to the touch and also has very unique character. Furniture that is made to look rustic through the use of handmade marks is easily replicated and doesn’t have the same quality as authentic reclaimed wood.

Next, it is important to know if the piece is going to match the other items in your house. Make sure to ask what stain was used on the item. Many rustic furniture vendors will use common stains that can be purchased at local hardware stores and will be more than happy to let you know which stain was used. Once you find the name of the stain, your local hardware store should carry samples that you can take for free and use to match the furniture in your house.

Finally, when making your purchase, you need to be aware of the available shipping options. A lot of larger items will ship via freight and this can be very costly to the consumer if it isn’t included in the price. When large items are shipped, sometimes a lift gate is needed at time of delivery to help get the item off of the truck. This is usually an additional cost paid by the customer, so make sure to ask before hand weather or not a lift gate will be needed. However, if you are purchasing a smaller item, this is often shipped via ground or home delivery and does not require any special assistance in delivering.